Magical songs that can instantly make me feel better no matter what.

If something isn’t solvable by Lucky Now, then we have a problem.

I made a playlist of nice songs.

I couldn’t think of a title. Or design. 

As you can see, I am lazy.

But I made a playlist of nice songs.

Hello Summer, 2012 Playlist I was wondering why I haven’t been doing any school work for the past days and remembered that I’m (finally) officially on summer break! The Maine and this week’s trip are such good ways to start my vacation.

This is my Freshman Year playlist, consisting of songs that remind me of certain people and classes, songs that take me back to a certain event, the song “the band” covered, and songs I’d listen to a lot while doing my Plates.

Today’s my official last day. I can’t believe I’ve finished a year of college.

Seems just like yesterday I was afraid of the TOKI and was trying to adjust to the no-aircon.